mem mer mÈre

Swim In Sound (in collaboration with AHHAH)

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Gordon Early Literacy Center

351 Kersey Street

Coatesville, PA

l'ARTISTE ORDINAIRE (Melissa Grey & David Morneau)


Kate Dillingham, cello

Julie Fotheringham, dancer



World Premiere

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 7pm

Havre de Grace Cultural Center at the Opera House

121 N. Union Avenue

Havre de Grace, MD

l'ARTISTE ORDINAIRE (Melissa Grey & David Morneau)


Kate Dillingham, cello

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Preview Party

Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 9pm

Pine Box Rock Shop

12 Grattan Street

Brooklyn, NY

Free for 21+

l'ARTISTE ORDINAIRE (Melissa Grey & David Morneau)


Kate Dillingham, cello

Marc Fiaux, live visuals

[Courtesy of l’Artiste ordinaire:]

i. mem mer mère World Premiere (photo by Carl Deutsch)
Available Now
1 – mem mer mère World Premiere video & photos


Available Now

mem mer mère World Premiere Havre de Grace Cultural Center at the Opera House [2019.11.13]
available now:

Video and photos from our world premiere performance of mem mer mère with Kate Dillingham (cello) and Marc Fiaux (live visuals) are ready for viewing.



































Performed by:
Melissa Grey: live sound processing, voice
David Morneau: trombone
Kate Dillingham: cello
Marc Fiaux: live visuals
Dr. Bhawani Venkataraman: recorded narration

Music composed by l’Artiste ordinaire with Kate Dillingham (after Claude Debussy)

Text adapted by l’Artiste ordinaire from:
The Price of Clean Water by Dr. Bhawani Venkataraman
Hypoxic Sites 2018 by Dr. Robert Diaz & Dr. Rutger Rosenberg

Video projection developed by Marc Fiaux
from footage by l’Artiste ordinaire

mem mer mère is from l’Artiste ordinaire’s MOTHER project.






















































































































































































photo credits (from top)
mem mer mère [David Morneau, Melissa Grey, Kate Dillingham]: Carl Deutsch
Melissa Grey: Carl Deutsch
Kate Dillingham: Carl Deutsch
David Morneau, Melissa Grey: Carl Deutsch

photo credits (from top)
Entering the Opera House: Marc Fiaux
Reception [Melissa Grey, Ed Kirkbride, David Morneau]: Robert Kirkbride
Reception [Ed Kirkbride, Marc Fiaux, Melissa Grey]: Robert Kirkbride
Reception [Ed Kirkbride, Kate Dillingham]: Robert Kirkbride

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