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A new musical project inspired by Kate's experience with meditation

Excerpt of Track 1: Soothe

Track Excerpt
About the Project

About The Project

March 2020 | Covid-19 shutdown daily activities

June 2020 | I took a meditation class at the suggestion of a friend and became a regular practitioner of meditation

July 2022Soothe (Track 1) was recorded

July 2023Shield  (Track 2) and Crystal (Track 3) were recorded

November 2023 | Birch (Track 4) and Still (Track 5) were recorded

The Team


Kate Dillingham



Founder of MyBlueSkiesMusic, Inc.


Domenic Sabol

Chief Engineer

Mixing and Mastering

Founder of Tympanic Media, Inc.


Mia Moravis


Chapter Governor of Board of Governors/New York Chapter of The Recording Academy®/GRAMMYs®

The Team

What's Next...

Mixing and Mastering of EP in immersive audio by Tympanic Media, Inc.

EP Release: April 2024

Live Performance, Tours...

What's Next

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